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Indie Game of the Day: Will You Ever Return?

I’ve always had a place in my heart for the creepy and weird indie games out there, and if indie developer Jack King-Spooner‘s popularity and attention in the indie game scene is anything to go by, so do a lot of people. And we’re not talking the Slender-style ‘ooh, that made me jump’ sort of game — we’re talking the bat-shit insane kind of game.

Originally uploaded to GameJolt late 2012, ‘Will You Ever Return’ is one of those few games created in RPG Maker that breaks away from the repetitive nature of most RPG Maker developed games, giving us a short half-hour length game that’s almost perfectly creepy.

Playing as a man attempting to find his way out of hell after being killed at the start of the game, you’ll traverse through the claymation world bumping into strange hellish creations, a crowd for sinful priests and nuns, three worm things that seems to be bathing in a bowl of faeces and Will Smith, all the while listening to some perfectly-placed 60s music and a few brilliantly sinister-sounding original soundtrack pieces. (No really, the original songs in this game help make it for me.)

Part of me wishes the memes placed around the game weren’t included, but that’s perhaps personal taste as I like the idea of this being more of a creepy game than a silly one; still, I’m sure the randomness and weirdness will be appreciated by many. Saying too much about this game would ruin it slightly, but if you’re looking for a unique and strange short game, this one’s for you — especially if you’re in that certain demographic of gamers that enjoy sitting in the dark and playing disturbingly creepy games to spook you out. If you do happen to be one of those people, then the game’s sequel, Blues for Mittavinda, Sluggish Morss, Mitt Romney and the Case of the Sex Doll and Mammoth from the same guy will keep you pleased/terrified for a long time.

Download this 112.5 MB game for PC here.


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