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E3 2013: UK Time Schedule (and US/AU)

E3 2013 UKWith E3 commencing in just 50 hours time, it’s important to know what the primary conference times are for your region and what they are — best be prepared knowing the livestream start times so that you’re not panicking and rushing around at the last minute.


Company Time
Microsoft Monday, 5:30PM
EA Monday, 9:00PM
Ubisoft Monday, 11:00PM
Sony Tuesday, 2:00AM
Nintendo Direct Tuesday, 3:00PM
Pokémon X/Y Panel Wednesday, 2:00AM


Company Time
Microsoft Monday, 9:30AM
EA Monday, 1:00PM
Ubisoft Monday, 3:00PM
Sony Monday, 6:00PM
Nintendo Direct Tuesday, 7:00AM
Pokémon X/Y Panel Tuesday, 6:00PM


Company Time
Microsoft Tuesday, 2:30AM
EA Tuesday, 6:00AM
Ubisoft Tuesday, 8:00AM
Sony Tuesday, 11:00AM
Nintendo Direct Tuesday, Midnight (12:00AM Wednesday)
Pokémon X/Y Panel Thursday, 11:00AM

IGN’s pre-shows for each of the main conferences (bar Nintendo’s) will start half-an-hour before each, with the post-shows of all five conferences starting an hour after the main conferences starts — bar Microsoft’s, which begins an half-and-a-half afterwards instead. Nintendo Direct will not feature on the main livestreams but rather through Nintendo’s sites — each regional version is linked in the time schedule.

Post-shows and other footage and coverage will continue all the way from Monday to Thursday, so your best bet is to stick to IGN’s E3 stream. Although most people only watch the primary conferences, it’s important to note that generally speaking as much – if not more – gets shown off in post-show streams.

If possible, we’ll host live-streams/live-blogs here, but if not stick to IGN’s. It’s always best to tab a second stream from a different source, just in case of lag issues. Have a great E3!


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