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Indie Game of the Day: Mechanic Watermelon

Uploaded to GameJolt very recently by TD2TL, Mechanic Watermelon is a strange but incredibly interesting platformer, with a distinctive visual style clearly influenced by Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

An occasionally tricky platformer that demands precision and quick responses, Mechanic Watermelon succeeds in managing to stand out in a sea of generally generic platformers both with its attractive visuals and fluid, interesting gameplay; it’s honestly the sort of game you’d more expect to see sold on XBLA, iOS or included in a Humble Bundle, but instead it’s a free game silently uploaded to GameJolt’s vast database.

The game’s premise even manages to interest you, unlike most platformers around – you play as a suited man in SkyCity, though with most of the world around you now mechanic, you doubt your own humanity. The only way for you to discover whether you are a human or a machine is to apparently turn off this sky world’s power source on Earth, though SkyCity’s mechanical inhabitants are not pleased with your plan and aim to stop you in any way possible. It’s a truly creative way to explain a platformer and gives it a certain edge over many other free platformers around these days.

Created with HTML 5, the game works in-browser, but its downloadable counterpart is recommended for a better experience – and with it, comes a dramatically higher number of levels. The game is with its flaws currently — the controls and difficulty could perhaps be tweaked slightly and the browser version of the game virtually didn’t work for me at all as it didn’t recognise the keyboard input (that said, I prefer to download games anyway and didn’t suffer this problem for the downloadable), but the developer seemingly recognises that the game still needs a little tweaking, which is always a good sign.

From what I can see, this is the developer’s first game, which is stunning news — it’s always incredibly exciting to see new developers create promising, brilliant games as their first release. Simply cannot wait to see what TD2TL comes up with next.

Download this 17.8MB game for Windows, Linux or Mac here (or play it in-browser).


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