R.I.P. PS2: Last Ever PlayStation 2 Title Coming September

PS2 RIPWith the PlayStation 2 now a 13-year-old console and the PlayStation 4 coming up later this year, it may surprise you that the console has yet to have its final title released.

Being virtually the most successful console of all time, it was only in January that Sony officially announced that the console would finally be discontinued, and it seems now that the console will finally get its final title released this year — with a version of FIFA 14 coming out for the format in September in the Western world, it will be the last game ever released on the console, with March’s release of Final Fantasy XI expansion Seekers of Adoulin marking the last PS2 release for the Japanese market.

Though likely being developed simply so EA can claim to have developed the last ever PS2 game, it’s still stunning to know that the console has been supported for well over a decade now. At least after September’s Fifa 14 release, the tired and beautiful ol’ thing can finally rest in peace.

Thanks for serving us well, PS2. You’ve been a good companion.


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Commonly going by the alias 'Toadsanime' online, Ryan Brown acts as Coin Arcade's editor and primary writer. With an avid interest in various aspects of gaming -- including general gaming, indie gaming, retro gaming and merchandise collecting -- he aspires to build a career in the video game journalism industry. He also writes his own descriptions as if talking about somebody else, apparently.

27 comments on “R.I.P. PS2: Last Ever PlayStation 2 Title Coming September

  1. he will be missed

  2. i was curious to see the last game created for the ps1. well what do u know, its FIFA Football 2005. see a trend here. come on EA u can do it for us for the ps3 and ps4 while ur at it LOL.

    • EA clearly trying to leave their mark then, wouldn’t be shocked if in years to come when the PS3 has run its course that they do the same thing again.

  3. The PS2 won’t be missed here! It’ll stay right next to my PS3 and soon-to-be-mine PS4.
    Though it is a bit sad.
    A moment of silence for the PS2 …

  4. Interesting. I would never even have guessed PS2 had still been getting games up till now. Probably down to its success. I bet the last original Xbox or Gamecube game was a long time ago.

  5. Will this *really* be the last PS2 game? Remember when MBL 2K12 came out, people said it would be the last PS2 game. It wasn’t. When FIFA 13 and PES 2013 came out, people said it would be the last PS2 game. It wasn’t. When Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin came out, people said it would be the last PS2 game. It wasn’t. And now, FIFA 14 is coming out and people say it will be the last PS2 game. For real this time?

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  7. I still have PS2.

  8. Requiescat in pace PS2 you will be missed

  9. I loved my ps2 and I still have it In storage along with my ps1, and dreamcast.

  10. i know this post is old i love my ps2 i still use it to i remember buying final fantasy X a few years back this was the best system I ever had yeah all the new systems had better graphics etc. but i dont think the ps3 could compete with that compare how many ps2 systems were bought compared to the ps3 and also sony announced they will stop selling psp”s also so its the end for both the ps2 and psp i I hope both will never be forgotten

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