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Super Mario Skulls: Artist Recreates Mario Levels On Top of Animal Skulls

Super Mario SkullsIn a move that probably begs the question ‘why’, German artist Tobias Wüstefeld has arranged several little Super Mario Bros. level set-ups atop of some animal skulls.

Created for the retro game art show ‘We Love 8-Bit‘ in Vienna, Austria, the art pieces look about as odd and random as you’d expect them to, but hey-ho, that’s art and sometimes art doesn’t make much rational sense. I would have created Mario scenarios atop some discarded and used sewage pipes myself, but then again I am a dirty bastard like that.

Check the gallery below for more shots and angles of the Super Mario skull art pieces.

I can’t help but think that Super Mario Galaxy would’ve been a totally different game were you atop skulls instead of small planets.

(Source: Behance)


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