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Help Fund the Apocalypse With ‘Guns ‘N’ Zombies’

Zombie shooters are cool. They’ve always been cool and frankly, chances are that they always will be. That’s why when I first watched Krealit Games‘ trailer for Guns ‘N’ Zombies, it managed to pique my interest.

Guns ‘N’ Zombies is 3D zombie shooter that immediately reminded me of Dead Nation — and for good reason, as both feature very similar gameplay. Intended for an Android, iOS and PC release (with a Steam Greenlight page also up) you’ll shoot through 30 environments with over 24 types of weapons, over 20 assisting turrets and more than six special abilities in order to survive the Nano-Bot Virus-Infected-Mecha-Zombies apocalypse.

Yes, Nano-Bot Virus-Infected-Mecha-Zombies apocalypse — one of the game’s personal highlights for me is that although the game starts off by sending typical-looking zombies your way, eventually your enemies get all robotic and bad-ass looking. And I’m all about bad-ass character designs.

With a co-operative mode in the works (although currently unclear whether local or online based), a very early build demo of the game is available to freely try out here. If you decide that shooting mechanical zombies is your kind of deal, then you could consider pledging towards the game’s Kickstarter here – with 32 days left to attain its $40,000 goal (and its potential stretch goals), at under $8,000 pledged it’s currently missing its aim by quite a mark. It has some pretty sexy pledge rewards though, so at least there’s that.

Pledge if you feel like it, check the screenshots of the game below and stick with us for updates on the game’s progress. Or don’t, I’m not your Dad. (I’d prefer if you did though.)


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