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Indie Game of the Day: CHOOK DRIVER EXTREME

CHOOK DRIVER EXTREMEA short arcade game created by Hasetrum that teaches us the valuable lesson of ‘don’t drink and drive if you’re a chicken because you’ll hit that chicken crossing the road and ruin an age-old joke’, CHOOK DRIVER EXTREME has you control a drunk chicken in a truck trying to cause as much destruction as possible.

Fill up your CHICKEN RAGE bar to do heck knows what, right click to honk your horn (which does nothing, but fuck logic, you’re a chicken) and guide your mouse to run over people and cars, all the while avoiding hitting your fellow chickens. It’s a very short game with minimal replayability, but if you come to a game about chickens expecting a deep, engaging storyline, then I don’t really know what to tell you.

You’re a drink-driving chicken in a big fucking truck. I don’t know how else to sell this to you.

Download this 12.7MB game for PC here.

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