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Phil Fish Cancels Fez II

ImageThat’s it, folks. Fez 2 is cancelled.

After being called a “total tosspot”, “moderately tasty, yet also kinda lethal”, and a “fucking hipster” by Marcus Beer of GameTrailers fame, Phil Fish, indie game developer and lead designer on the 2012 indie puzzle platformer Fez, has announced that the sequel, Fez 2, has been cancelled.

While the personal insults were uncalled for, Fish responded in a manner that can hardly be considered surprising. Prone to outbursts, personal attacks and overreactions, Fish’s decision to cancel Fez 2 was announced via his Twitter account. Prior to this, he tweeted about hating the games industry, and tweeted directly at Marcus, calling him a “middle-aged parasite”, implying he was an “inconsequential limey fuck”, and urging him to “compare your life to mine and then kill yourself.”

Fish then locked his Twitter account.

ImageUpon release, Fez received largely positive reviews, and many perfect scores amongst websites such as Eurogamer. However, the creator, Phil Fish, who was one of the indie developers featured in Indie Game: The Movie, has garnered a rather sour reputation among the public and the press alike, with many gamers claiming that Fez is overrated, unoriginal, and simply not fun.

A quick overview of Marcus Beer’s comments, Phil Fish’s tweets, and the announcement that Fez 2 was cancelled can be seen in this video here, created by YouTube user “gottagofat”.

As far as the public opinion goes, the top comment at the time of writing, by user  “ZahlDask”, sums it up nicely;

In response to the claims that personal attacks barely constitute as journalism and that Marcus Beer’s comments were uncalled for, Beer claimed that he never considered himself a journalist, merely an “opinionist”, as stated in his Twitter bio.


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