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Fling About a Motorbike-Riding Zombie in Indie Game ‘Undead Rider’

Undead Rider indie gameUploaded to GameJolt by user Squamificio, Undead Rider is a game consisting of a zombie, a motorbike, some ragdoll physics and… that’s about it.

With the apparent aim of reaching some sort of tomb, I can happily tell you that I never reached my destination. Heck, I didn’t even come close. Starting this marginally unpolished game with your zombie self sat atop a motorbike in the middle of a road, it quickly becomes clear that, intentional or not, this game’s just as difficult to control as famously comically awkward games such as QWOP and Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Using the mouse to control the camera (I suggest leaving it alone), the arrow keys to control the motorbike and the left mouse button to do… something, your zombie will probably be flinging all over the road before you’re even able to reach the end of the first road, but it comes across as more hilarious than annoying. Little things like still being able to control the motorbike once the zombie falls off (the camera does stay focused on the zombie, though) made me snigger, but being flung through the air with my zombie limbs flapping about before landing in a tree and watching my motorbike magically fly off into the sky afterwards made me realise that this game is accidental gold.

I’m not going to trick you into thinking this is a great game – Undead Rider isn’t perfect by any means and its difficulty is probably unintentional, but when you’re a zombie on a motorbike being flung all over the place because it’s just that damn difficult to control – who cares?

Download this 14.9MB game for PC (or play it in-browser) here.


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