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Player Reputation Changes on XBOX One – Play Nicely, Kids!

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In a press release on Wednesday, Microsoft Program Manager Michael Dunn announced some details about the revamped player feedback and reputation system that will feature on the upcoming Xbox One, claiming that “If you don’t want to play with cheats and jerks, you shouldn’t have to.”

The existing system on Xbox 360’s LIVE service consists of a positive or negative feedback system, which affects a publicly displayed amount of stars out of 5 on a users Gamertag. The whole system seems pretty arbitrary, failing to provide any clear indication of a player’s previous conduct and the entire system is open to abuse with messages from people encouraging users to leave negative feedback for other users.

The proposed new system will do away with the stars and replace them with simple colour-coded system of categories that gives an insight to the kind of user you’re dealing with.

Green = Good Player
Yellow = Needs Improvement
Red = Avoid Me

Dunn went on to explain that the system will use a “sophisticated algorithm” in order to manage this feedback system and prevent abuses such as those that exist under the current system explaining that it “weighs the data collected so if a dozen people suddenly reporting a single user, the system will look at a variety of factors before docking their reputation. ”

Sounds like an interesting idea in theory, but until it’s out there, there’s no real way to tell what effect, if any, it will have on the Xbox Community.


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