New Pokémon X & Y info: ‘Mega Evolutions’ Including MegaMewtwo, MegaBlaziken and MegaLucario

MegaMewtwoIt would seem that, yet again, the world has been fed some startling information about the upcoming Pokémon X and Y game via the most recent CoroCoro magazine, as reported and translated by Serebii.

A new form of evolution will be available to certain types of Pokémon called ‘Mega Evolution’, allowing them to turn into superior ‘Mega’ forms of already-existing Pokémon. Currently announcing Mega Pokémon include MegaMewtwo (the previously announced Mewtwo-looking Pokémon), MegaBlaziken, MegaAbsol, MegaMawile, MegaLucario and MegaAmpharos. A new Gym leader by the name of Koruni holds the key to learning about the Mega evolutions in the new games.

This is one of the more dramatic changes for the series during its lifetime, and although little else is known about the Mega evolutions at the moment, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the game’s names themselves were somehow linked to it.
corocoro8131Along with this new form of evolution comes other snips of Pokémon information. The abilities of the newly announced Mega Pokémon are as follows: MegaMawile with Huge Power, MegaBlaziken with Speed Boost, MegaLucario with Adaptability, MegaAbsol with Mega Bounce, MegaMewtwo with Insomnia and MegaAmpharos with Mold Breaker. Both MegaMawile and now Mawile are both Steel/Fairy type and MegaAmpharos will be an Electric/Dragon type.

New Pokémon include grass-type Meekuru (a pre-evolution of previously announced Gogoat), Electric/Fairy type Dedenne with the new ability Cheek Pouches and a normal-type rabbit called Horubii. There will also be an event held between October 12th and January 15th to obtain a Torchic – the Ruby/Sapphire Fire starter that will eventually be able to become MegaBlaziken.

What are your thoughts on the new batch of Pokémon X/Y information and are the Mega Evolutions a good or bad change for the series?


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4 comments on “New Pokémon X & Y info: ‘Mega Evolutions’ Including MegaMewtwo, MegaBlaziken and MegaLucario

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  2. I think Mega-Evolutions are terrible for the franchise. I mean yeah the forms look cool but it’s not digimon here. And why mega evolutions for already powerful pokemon like Lucario, Blazikan, and MewTwo. It’s just my opinion but I think this is taking pokemon downhill.

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