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Caaaaaaarl! ‘Llamas With Hats: Cruise Catastrophe’ Released

Revealed through what is perhaps the greatest announcement trailer of all time, the popular FilmCow video shorts series ‘Llamas With Hats‘ is hitting mobile formats in video game form.

Titled Llamas with Hats: Cruise Catastrophe, the game is currently available for iOS (with Android versions coming at a later date) and sees you controlling Carl the llama in an effort to kick as many people as possible off the side of a cruise ship because… well, because as history has proven, Carl is a bit of a disturbed llama. The game features some llama-tastic (yes, I’m sticking by that choice of term) dialogue and power-ups and ‘other game things’.

Although seemingly a funny game, I can’t promise that the game looks to be  is weeks worth of enjoyment. However, as it’s going for 99¢ on the American App Store (and seemingly not on other regions yet), I’m sure it’s worth it for the atypical FilmCow humour alone and it’ll no doubt still provide its money worth in entertainment.


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