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The Minecraft Before Christmas

Minecraft may be the only game that remains constantly newsworthy four years after its release, but when you have a game capable of creating whole worlds for those who have enough time, that’s really no surprise. Every time I see a new Minecraft creation worth seeing, I mistakenly believe that it will be the last time I’m amazed by one, but noooooope.

Called ‘The Night Rail Before Christmas’, this Nightmare Before Christmas themed rollercoaster was created on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft by five people in around two-and-a-half months. Set to a dubstep remix of the film’s main theme, you’ll see multiple locations and characters from all aspects of the film (including Halloween and Christmas Town) and some pretty inventive mechanics (like the Clown With the Tearaway Face section.)

Looks like we’re going to still have years worth of Minecraft creations worth checking out. Hoorah!


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Commonly going by the alias 'Toadsanime' online, Ryan Brown acts as Coin Arcade's editor and primary writer. With an avid interest in various aspects of gaming -- including general gaming, indie gaming, retro gaming and merchandise collecting -- he aspires to build a career in the video game journalism industry. He also writes his own descriptions as if talking about somebody else, apparently.

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