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Stack Hats to be The Best Gentleman in ‘Max Gentlemen’

Kickstarter has been used for many things in the past, but probably never for simply publicising a spam email inspired free game about stacking hats in an attempt at maximising your gentlemanly-ness. Probably.

With a Kickstarter page created solely for the purpose of publicising and being able to offer cool pledges (such as a resin statue, badges, personalised posters, body pillows and shirts), Max Gentlemen (created by The Men Who Wear Many Hats – the guys who created The Organ Trail) is an ‘arcade-style extreme manners simulator about stacking hats’, seemingly in various mini games where the aim is always to stack the most amount of hats on your head to prove your gentlemanly-ness.

Currently planned for an iOS, Android and possibly Ouya release, the game will be free and feature cross-platform multiplayer capabilities such as dual hat-stacking. Although the game has passed its $500 aim (currently at $8000), you can show your support for the game by pledging however much you feel like pledging…
max gentlemen…Or don’t. Either way you’ll get the game free, but as I pointed out before, some of the rewards are actually pretty splendid. Personally, I want the resin statue because bronze statues of half-naked gentlemanly gentleman is my kinda thing. Sort of.


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