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Xbox One/PS4 Game Case Comparison: One is Thinner

XboxPS4CasesWhen the above image of the Xbox One and PS4 game cases sitting side-by-side made its rounds on the internet last week (via DualShockers), there seemed to be a surprising amount of interest in it and plenty of speculation. Was the Xbox One case actually wider? Were both the cases the same size? Well, let me clarify it all for you with some of my own follow-up images.

As the two (admittedly poorly shot) images below may tell you, both the PS4 and Xbox One game cases are indeed typical Blu-Ray case sizes. They’re both the exact same height and width and will fit in perfectly well with your current PS3/Blu-Ray collection, with the PS4 cases taking a blue tint and the Xbox’s a green tint with an etched-in logo (PS4 game cases simply have the logo on each individual sleeve cover).

There is one noticeable difference that doesn’t seem to have been publicly pointed out: the Xbox One cases are significantly thinner than those of the PS4’s. If for no other reason that to distinguish itself even further from PS4 game cases, it appears to be not-quite half as thick as typical Blu-Ray/PS4 cases. The only use I can think of that this has is to be able to fit slightly more games on a shelf at home (or in stores) and seems almost unimportant, but what with all the speculation on the cases aesthetics it is perhaps noteworthy to some.


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