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Origamihero Releases ‘A Game With a Kitty 7: Sky Crashers’

agwak5Almost ten years ago now, The Daily Click member “Bernie” submitted a game to the aforementioned site by the name of ‘A Game With a Kitty’. Falling under the highly-regarded label ‘FAIND‘ (a small indie development group that are now defunct), the game managed to receive quite a lot of attention from the then relatively small indie scene, especially within the ‘klik’ community.

Over the years, Bernie (or Origamihero, as he’s widely known) continued to release entries in the ‘A Game With a Kitty’ series, which today stands as one of the only big-name indie titles that still see a release via The Daily Click. Releasing the seventh installment ‘Sky Crashers’ recently, Origamihero proves that he still has it.

Though the graphics appear to have an oddly out-of-focus effect to me, the game continues the series’ known charm. Playing this time as Darling Kitty, you must find a way to lower your city to the ground after it having risen into the air one day. Containing all the charm, colour, pleasant music tracks and RPG/platform elements that you’d expect from this series (as well as three possible endings), Sky Crashers is just as worth your time as any entry in the series. Though it’s not necessary to play the game’s predecessors, I would of course highly suggest it.

Download the games from Origamihero’s site here.


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