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The Urban Legend Was True: E.T. Landfill Burial Site Uncovered

BmK1DleIUAAaYPiWell, fancy that.

Lightbox Interactive and Fuel Industries announced in March their intentions to uncover the mythical E.T. game cartridge burial site in New Mexico, with Xbox Entertainment Studios taking the opportunity to film the occurrence for an Xbox Live feature. Perhaps the most famous urban legend in video gaming culture, it had long been rumoured that Atari had dumped millions of copies of their E.T. game and Pac-Man port in a New Mexico landfill after the two massively bombed (which almost caused the entire industry to collapse.)

Shockingly, the legend appears to be true, with Xbox’s ‘Major Nelson’ earlier tweeting the first evidence that the site does indeed exist. Though the excavation is still ongoing, it is now at least clear that there are indeed Atari cartridges buried in a New Mexico landfill, though it may take some time for the excavation to be complete.

Can’t say if I ever personally expected to see this myth confirmed! Make sure to check in on us for updates, or follow Major Nelson on Twitter here for instant news.



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