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Gaming Merch of Etsy – Pokeballs, Chocobos and Portal Guitars



Etsy is a quirky realm of artwork, handmade items and ‘vintage’ to the most of us, an eBay of ‘unique‘. (I use this term rather ambiguously here.) In this weird and wonderful place, almost every fandom is catered for. This also includes, to my delight and at times mixed horror and despair, video game merch.

It seems that gone are the days, where we would have to go to conventions, specialist stores or order from magazines to get our beloved, mass produced collectables. Now, thanks to Etsy, a link between creators and collectors exists where the talented can peddle their unique wares to those who appreciate them.

Here are some of my personal favourite items that I have found on Etsy.

Portal 2 Cores Guitar

portal 2 guitar closer

My word, this is a thing of beauty. Created by StudioCalver, it depicts the ending of Portal 2 (I don’t think I’ve ever had to call a guitar a spoiler before). Painted in acrylics and finished with layers of lacquer for protection and a gorgeous finish, it is both a work of art and a functioning acoustic guitar. For £200 it could be yours, personally I would love to own it.


Crochet PokéBall Plushies


These are pretty cute and make wonderful gifts. Several people make these on Etsy, but the best and most price friendly are made by Chikai and Rachelswoolies. A pokeball plush like this one is currently on sale for just £4.


Chocobo original acrylic painting

chocobo painting

I do love a bit of artwork and I’ve loved Final Fantasy since I was 9, so imagine my delight when I found this beauty. Painted by Brandywoods, it is acrylic painted onto a 8’x8′ canvas and you can see all the intricate brush marks that went into its crafting giving it an air of undeniable authentic charm. Currently available for £33.



That’s it for now, but we’ll be sure to return with more sweet merch, in the next article of Gaming Merch of Etsy. If you have any cool items that you know of on Etsy, we’d love to hear about them. Tweet us @coinarcade or leave a comment below.




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Coin Arcade content writer, occasionally finds the odd moment to play games, when he's not taking his poker too seriously.

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