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Watch a Fish Play Pokémon in, uh, FishPlaysPokemon

Remember TwitchPlaysPokemon, the social experiment that saw Twitch viewers collectively perform all the actions in a game of Pokémon and took the internet by storm? That was great and all, but its one flaw was all of those stinking humans taking part and it would’ve been, like, a billion percent better if it was all done by some sort of fish. It’s just like the famous Charles Darwin quote says, after all: ‘Fish are totes better than humans, yo.’

Well, thank goodness then that now there’s FishPlaysPokemon.

A surely genius Twitch user has decided to fill the void by using a motion tracking system with his fish Grayson to determine the actions of a game of Pokémon Red. So far, Grayson has knocked up 150+ hours and in doing so has won his first battle and has been stuck in deciding between various text speeds in the options menu for the last few hours. There was also some drama as to whether or not Grayson had died after rather lengthy inactivity. Exciting fish stuff.

Watch the ‘exciting fish stuff’ above and pray that this entertains people long enough to distract them away from the recent Twitch controversy.


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