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Bacon Man: A Beautiful Blend of Mega Man, Dark Souls and Charm

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ll know that I’m all about indie games, and perhaps more importantly, charming games. I’m also all about games with meat products as their protagonist. Perhaps it was fate then that the Kickstarter project page for Bacon Man: An Adventure by Skymap Games was brought to my attention.

Described by its developers as featuring a mixture of Dark Souls’ difficulty and Mega Man’s precise platforming, (with tastes of Earthworm Jim and Rayman thrown in) Bacon Man is a three-person developed platformer/RPG for PC/Mac (a console version may also be in the wokrs) that somehow manages to deliver more charm and quality than many AAA titles thrown in our direction these days. The game’s vibrant environment and character designs will pull you in, whereas the gameplay will keep you interested until the end.

Using either your bare bacon fists or your bread-firing toaster gun to attack enemies, your aim is to claim your place on the Meat Throne and defeat any Food Group Leaders that defy your right. The detail in this game is stunning and it simply looks gorgeous. Seriously, just watch the trailer above; its 3D-rendered graphics, orchestrated soundtrack and physics-based abilities offer my face a substantial smile and I’m more than happy to accept. My love of charm leaves me somewhat biased however, so although I recognise this kind of game isn’t for everyone, anyone that’s enjoyed any of the aforementioned influences will feel more than satisfied – even in its alpha state, the game plays fluidly and has surpassed the point of simply looking promising.

The project is currently on its last day on Kickstarter and has thankfully surpassed its goal, but you can still throw some additional money their way to offer your support and useful extra funds. If you’ve missed the project, never fear – this perfect blend of action and fun will be headed your way soon enough and in the meantime, you can upvote the game on Steam Greenlight.


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One comment on “Bacon Man: A Beautiful Blend of Mega Man, Dark Souls and Charm

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