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Improve Your Rhythm Skills for Rock Band 4 With ‘Beat Trainer Deluxe’

With a new Rock Band title making its way to us soon (and, quite possibly, a new Guitar Hero game) the world may have to prepare itself for a revitalisation of the rhythm genre for the mass market. As such, perhaps some of us need to spruce up our rhythm skills in preparation to blow our friend’s minds with our totally badass timing, dexterity, and sense of rhythm.

Well, in comes Beat Trainer Deluxe.
beatCreated by Feversuperstar, Beat Trainer Deluxe aims to provide a small method of practice for such skills that we may be temporarily lacking in. With three stages of varying difficulty, you’ll have to do what you do in most rhythm games: press the button at the right time to hit the passing notes. If you want to perfect one of the three stages, you can simply slow the level down in order to get in some additional practice.

It’s a short game, but useful for practice and – let’s be honest here – there’s something eerily intriguing about that giant head.

Download the 8MB game for free on Windows here (or donate to the developer if you want).


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