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Gaming Merch of Etsy – Power Armour, Shields and Some Bad Juju


Etsy, the ebay of the unique, is a growing source of interesting gaming merch at affordable prices. Previously we have showcased some items that caught our eye in our Gaming Merch of Etsy article last year, so we bring you yet another installment in the same spirit.

Crochet Taiko Plushie


From the incredibility talented Chikai comes this adorable Taiko plushie from Namco’s Taiko no tatsujin (Drum Master) games. Although I don’t own any of the games, I have played them at many expos and loved them. Made from acrylic yarn and non-allergenic filling, one of these cute little percussion instrument plushies can be yours for £7. The yarn used is sourced from local charities meaning buying one also supports charity!

Fallout T45b Power Armour


Well now, this is a thing of beauty. Airbrushwerks offers a full wearable T-45b Power Armour outfit complete with working LED lights built into the helmet which can be yours, if you’ve got £1200 laying around. Just the thing for living out those fantasies of being a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin or simply being the best dressed at a fancy dress party.

Skyrim Inspired Shield of Solitude


Next up, we have this beautiful handcrafted wooden shield based on the Solitude shield in Skyrim from FabledLORE. It includes a leather hand strap on the back for either wielding (Though we don’t recommend it) or displaying on a wall and can be made to order for you for just £132.62!

Destiny Exotic Bad Juju replica


If you’ve got a Destiny cosplay planned or just like the idea of owning a gun with a skull on it, then this is the gun for you. Made to order by SemperVeritasProps, this glowing handmade replica of Bad Juju, an exotic weapon from Destiny is currently on sale for £198.60.

That’s it for now, but we’ll be sure to return with more sweet merch, in the next article of Gaming Merch of Etsy. If you have any cool items that you know of on Etsy, we’d love to hear about them. Tweet us @coinarcade or leave a comment below.


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Coin Arcade content writer, occasionally finds the odd moment to play games, when he's not taking his poker too seriously.

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