A Final Fantasy XII Remake is On the Way

final_14Well, this one’s come as a bit of a surprise.

During the Distant Worlds symphony in Pittsburgh (a live orchestra of Final Fantasy music), Final Fantasy composer Arnie Roth apparently took to the stage and revealed to the crowd that a Final Fantasy XII remake is on its way.

It’s not something that I believe anyone would have expected (or, perhaps, particularly wanted) and although the term ‘remake’ was specifically used it could end up being a remaster. In any case, it looks like we’ll be getting our fair share of Final Fantasy games over the next few years.

EDIT: A video of the ‘announcement’ has been posted online and, in the context of what it was saying, it could very easily have been a mistake. Did he mean what he said? Did he mean a remaster? Did he royally screw-up and actually meant the Final Fantasy VII remake? I suppose we’ll soon see!

EDIT: After much speculation, discussion and hype, composer Arnie Roth took to Facebook to explain the situation.
Looks like it will just be a remaster, after all!


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6 comments on “A Final Fantasy XII Remake is On the Way

  1. Uh, considering its coming up on it’s ten-year anniversary its not surprising that it would be announced. Especially since the release of FFX and FFX-2 was well recieved. And honestly, FFXII was severely underrated in my opinion. It was my favorite game, the setting, the plot, the bounty system…I’ll admit that half the characters were bland and empty but I loved that game and I’m glad it’s getting a remaster.

  2. Lame, that’s all this industry can do now. Remake after remake because the Sony poverty station can’t do any better.

  3. Lost in translation.

  4. Truly the lamest gaming generation ever, all because of weak hardware. Sad!

  5. I hope this stays exclusive to the only real gaming platform the PS4 just like FF X did. I don’t want those pathetic, unwashed PC peasant scrubs getting their underserving hands on the game because their weak, pathetic, last – gen hardware won’t be able to run it properly.

    PC is weak peasant trash, Arkham Knight proves this. Better keep this game a console exclusive if you want it to run properly.

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