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Entire Collection of EXTREMELY Rare Tomb Raider ‘Edition Atlas’ Figurines Listed on eBay

$_1It was on one of my usual eBay scrawls that a particular listing caught my eye and immediately impressed me – a rare occurrence on the ‘video game merchandise’ category, often swamped by Skylanders figurines, old PlayStation magazines and utter tat. User ‘Vader80’, seemingly a Tomb Raider fanatic if the rest of their listings is anything to go by, hosted a mighty impressive listing of the Editions Atlas collection.

A bit of back-story: Editions Atlas was a French-only mail-order magazine which published exclusive resin statues based on official Tomb Raider renderings, alongside an accompanying magazine. Being exclusive to France, mail-order only with many pieces being limited to 500, it’s not hard to see why a listing of the entire collection is an incredible find.

Included in the collection is the following:

’61 figurines, all in original packaging first few have been opened but most are sealed.
11 Privilege Scenes (dioramas) all as new, undisplayed. 1-6 limited to 500 each, 7-11 limited to 250 each.
Full set of Artifacts, small resin pieces of treasure often missing from the scenes when sold.
60 magazines all in great condition
3 binders, each housing 20 issues, great condition.’

Although the lister admits that the Scion diorama piece is actually missing, a video game figurine collection of this caliber is so very rarely found. At a starting bid of £1,500, the collection is currently going for way below its market value, so if you happen to have a spare grand or two sitting about and like collecting video game figures, get in there (or, y’know, be a pal and buy it for me instead.)

Check out some pictures of the collection below (note they’re not pictures from the listing – most of those are still boxed!)

(In case you’ve scrolled straight down and missed the listing link, here it is again.)


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