McDonald’s are set to change the world by entering the VR headset market

McDonald’s are entering the VR market in a surprising way – thanks to a Google Cardboard-like function built in to Happy Meal boxes.

New Apps & More Celebrate 20 Years of Pokemon

With Pokémon’s 20th anniversary fast approaching, we take a look at some of the ways in which Nintendo plan to celebrate.

Are Glitches in Video Games Ever Acceptable?

As we see another Bethesda title in Fallout 4 found to be riddled with glitches, we ask the question: are glitches in video games ever acceptable?

A Look Back At: Impressions Games’ Pharaoh

Here’s a look back at a 90’s city building classic, Impressions Games’ Pharaoh.

Journey: Fan Creates a Bedroom Inspired by thatgamecompany’s Game

With the recent PS4 port of PS3 classic ‘Journey’, it comes as no surprise that fans have been re-inspired to express their love for the game in new and interesting ways.

Gaming Merch of Etsy – Power Armour, Shields and Some Bad Juju

Ash talks about Etsy and some of the sweet gaming merch that can be found on the site.

Gay Gaming Characters Who Could Get Married In Real Life

With same-sex marriage now effectively legalized for all of the USA, we look at which gay video game characters can now finally appreciate the tradition of marriage. Err, if they were real, that is.

Time is Money: The Diary of an ‘Idle Game’ Addict

As the ‘idle game’ genre grows into the Steam and mobile markets, so too does the addictive nature of them, with the danger of wasting even more time on these intentional time-wasters.

Why Giving A Game A Score Out of Ten is Entirely Arbitrary and Ultimately Flawed

In this editorial Ash explores his long standing contempt for game review scores and whether they still have a place in this industry.

Gameiversary: The Video Game Anniversary Project

Introducing Coin Arcade’s video game anniversary project, Gameiversary! Supplying the (probably unnecessary) niche for video game anniversaries, Gameiversary alerts you daily to that day’s video game anniversaries.

Love Letters

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: A Love Letter to Vice City

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: A Love Letter to Vice City

Jack Wood continues his ‘LOVE LETTERS’ series with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, explaining why the first GTA game that anybody plays is always one of their more memorable moments and why Vice City still stands above the rest.